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    In this months issue we as always take a look at the state of the market in our industry update section. Next we will hear from expert motivators, industry experts, and real estate professionals in our personal improvement, lead generation and CE Shop sections.

    Tagible by REAL Trends

Real Estate News for Realtors and Brokers

  • Will iBuyers like Opendoor face a sudden backswing?
    The newest technology-based companies trying to reinvent the housing-brokerage business are the iBuyers. All are trying to simplify the process of selling one home and buying another. All rely on faith among technologists that algorithms are clairvoyant, and among the public that anything on your phone is a good thing.
  • Imagining urban utopia — America’s ‘perfect city’
    YouTube channels Life Noggin and Real Engineering contemplate "the perfect city."
  • 6 ways agents can thrive in an AI-driven world
    AI is an umbrella term for things like machine learning, facial recognition, speech recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing. But as fancy, and potentially scary, as those things sound, AI today is very narrow in that it is designed to accomplish a particular task and and is dependent on humans...

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