C.E. Course Descriptions

All courses meet the minimum requirements as set forth by the Department of Consumer Protection/Real Estate Commission.

Don’t Let Water Intrusion Sink Your Deal!

What is water intrusion and why is it so destructive? This is an invaluable course that will help you identify the top ten areas of water penetration in a home and ways of remediation. Mold will also be discussed and how it affects the home inspection process.

Environmental Issues – Evolution to Resolution

Environmental issues can have a profound effect on a real estate transaction! This course brings clarity to the science behind environmental issues, as well as how to identify, manage and mitigate issues such as mold, radon gas, radon in water, asbestos, U.F.F.I., lead in water, lead paint, underground oil tanks and indoor air pollutants

Fair Housing (Mandatory 2016-18 Cycle)

This is the Mandatory CE course required for all Brokers and Salesperson for the 2016-2018 CE Cycle. It will discuss the duties and responsibilities of Real Estate Brokers and Agents under the State and Federal Fair Housing Laws.

How the Building Codes Can Affect Real Estate Transactions

This course will raise awareness to the various issues that may be found during a typical residential real estate transaction. It will discuss building codes and requirements that were in place at the time a property was constructed. It will also show how not having proper building permits in place can possibly impact a potential real estate transaction.

Minimize Your Risk, Maximize Your Earnings

Learn how to develop an awareness of property conditions and highlight warning signs of possible defects. The top property conditions that most often result in disputes will be presented with ways to reduce your risk.

Mold to Sold! Fact vs. Fiction

This course dispels the many misconceptions concerning mold in the Real Estate transaction. Testing and remediation options and guidelines from the EPA, Connecticut Dept. of Public Health and CT REALTORS will be presented and explained. Students will gain a greater understanding on how to deal with water intrusion and mold issues in a Real Estate transaction so they may better inform both buyers and sellers.

Renovation Lending

This course discusses how to take advantage of the FHA 203k program and the HomeStyle© Loan Programs. These loan programs provide funds for renovating, remodeling and/or repairing a home based on the eligibility of the client and the home.

Residential Construction Practices

From site work to finishes, this course takes the mystery out of residential construction practices. Students will obtain a greater understanding of the anatomy of a house, including terminology, as well as the process and sequence of residential construction and all related components.

Smart Energy Solutions for Existing Homes

This course discusses ways Connecticut homeowners may improve both lifestyle and affordability by updating an existing home. A comprehensive review of State and Federal initiatives and incentives, as well as abundant resource materials for future reference will be available.

The Code of Ethics

This course reviews the NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. It will guide you through the Professional Standards Enforcement and Resolution Processes and related exercises and case studies. Note: This course fulfills the NAR mandatory ethics requirement. To learn more, click HERE

This Old Connecticut House

This course discusses architectural styles from 1620 through 1940, their history and construction methods, and the top ten deterioration issues and solutions that affect these homes. Learn valuable information for selling or listing antique homes.

What to Expect When We’re Inspecting

This course reviews the Connecticut Home Inspection Standards/Code of Ethics and brings clarity to each party’s responsibility within the Real Estate Transaction. The NAR profile of Buyers and Sellers as well as examination of inspection related disputes will be analyzed and discussed.

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