Don’t keep us all to yourself, share the benefits of membership designed just for REALTORS®!

By supporting REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, you support the REALTOR® family and help a REALTOR® (your members) get a better rate on a car loan, receive a personal loan they need to pay for an education session or certification or a higher rate of return on an investment. We’ll also provide you with free promotional tools you will need to promote YOUR credit union.

Dues Savings Account

You can help your associates save for next year's dues with a Dues Savings Account1. This convenient account will allow your associates to save throughout the year and then use their debit card when it is time to make their dues payment.

Your Associates can establish a preauthorized transfer for 1/12th of their estimated dues to be deposited monthly and then pay their annual dues with their Credit Union debit card.

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